Visit Wiltz

Wiltz, the regional capital of the Luxembourg Ardennes, has both culture and nature to offer. All city sights can be easily reached on foot or by bicycle. Getting around the city is also easy with the city bus.


You should not miss the following sights:


  • Wiltz (Upper Town): National Museum of Brewing in Wiltz Castle  -
  • Wiltz ((Upper Town): Museum of the Battle of the Bulge in Wiltz Castle -
  • Wiltz (Upper Town): Socio-cultural Prabbeli centre - cinema, theatre, and art gallery -
  • Wiltz (Upper Town): Jardin de Wiltz - 2.5 hectare garden with plants, terraces, water, sculptures, paths, and stone fields - a living work of art!  –
  • Wiltz (Lower Town): Deanery Church of St Peter & Paul with its decorated vaulted stone and imposing organ  -
  • Wiltz (Lower town) : Firefighters Museum "An der Géitz" -
  • Eschweiler (6 km from Wiltz): Indoor Adventure Mini Golf & Spill Park –


The easiest way to visit the historic heritage of Witz is to follow the two signposted cultural trails through the city. The yellow trail (3 km) passes 21 landmarks (signs 1 - 21) from the Upper Town, while the red trail (4.5 km) passes a total of 25 buildings and monuments worth seeing, 12 of which are in the Lower Town.

Bicycle routes in Wiltz

Over a total length of 350 kilometres, the Ardenne region in Luxembourg and the Obersauer Nature Park offer a multitude of uniformly signposted cycle paths that lead through dense forests and deep valleys. Some roads are more suitable for athletic riders, while others are for the whole family.


Mountain bike trail 1 - WILTZ


The tour starts at Wiltz Castle and leads past the national monument of the general strike in the direction of Bastogne. Go towards Winseler by keeping left in "Lameschmillen". After a staircase, turn left onto the N. 26 and the CR 318 in the direction of Roullingen where you cross the village and follow the left lane to Nocher. In the forest, a narrow right turn leads you to a stream, which you cross before turning left in the village. Follow the N. 5 in the direction of Kautenbach and leave the national road in the direction of Merkholtz. After crossing the railway bridge, turn left at the quarry, then right and continue straight through the forest. Cross the bridge on your left and continue on a paved road for 100 metres before turning right again. A steep climb takes you to Erpeldange. Turn left at the village church, then right and then left again in the direction of Noertrange, before going down to Weidingen. In Wiltz, you cross the bridge to return to the starting point.


Mountain bike trail 2 - WILTZ


Since the route is shorter and easier, children can accompany their parents on this trail. However, caution is advised as the route leads through the streets of Wiltz. Road traffic regulations must be adhered to.


The tour begins below the Niederwiltz church where you must cross the bridge and turn left on the right past the brewery. Turn right at the ruins of a former sanatorium. When you reach the paved road, keep left and head towards Noertrange airfield where it goes straight to Winseler. Turn left into the countryside and bike down to Winseler. Follow the cycle path to the left and ride via "Lameschmillen" to Niederwiltz where you have to cross the bridge again to get back to the starting point.


Bicycle path PC20 Wiltz - Bastogne


This 21 kilometre bike path follows the former railway line up to Bastogne behind the Belgian border. On information boards along the route - mainly in the area of Winseler - you can learn more about the history of this line.

Detailed information:

Bike rental in Wiltz

In collaboration with RentaBike Ardennes, the KAUL recreational area offers its visitors the option of renting trekking and mountain bikes for children and adults. Bicycles with an electric drive (e-bikes) are also available for adults.


Half day - 3.5 hours 10,00 € 20,00 € (MTB) / 15 € (Trekking)
Full day - 7 hours 15,00 € 25,00 € (MTB) / 20 € (Trekking)
Deposit 30,00 € 70,00 €
3.5 hours 3,00 €
7 hours 6,00 €

A helmet, air pump, and repair kit are included in the rental price. 
Discount for groups of 6 or more.
Guided tours in the Wiltz region and the Ardennes on request.

Hiking trails in Wiltz

Start in the lower town, a few minutes from the KAUL leisure centre:

SIW Tour C Wiltz - Fatima - Airfield, 8 km - Duration: 2:00 hours
This path passes the Simon brewery and goes through the "Kaul" forest.
Sights: Decanal church, foundations of an unfinished sanatorium (1920), airfield (Noertrange), Monument and Passion of the Our Lady of Fatima, old windmill.


SIW Route D Roullingen - Length: 8 km – duration: 2h00

The path leads past the monument of Our Lady of Fatima to the wheel of the former railway line Wiltz-Bastogne.
Sights: Former "Ideal" tannery, National Strike Monument


SIW Route E Steekämmchen - 14 km - Duration: 3:00 hours
From Camping Kaul, you will reach the viewpoint "Steekämmchen" and go back through the "Kaul" forest.
Sights: Ruins of an unfinished sanatorium, picnic area with playground, outdoor pool


SIW Route F Grousslitschent - 12 km - Duration: 3:00 hours
Start at the parking lot at the exit of Wiltz in the direction of Noertrange, bike path.
Sights: Former "Ideal" tannery, plaque commemorating the strike of 31st August 1942.


Start in the Upper Town:


13km Auto-pédestre N° 26 - Duration: 3:00 to 3:30 hours
Sights: Wiltz Castle, Justice Cross, City Hall, Notre Dame Church
A beautiful hiking trail along the river Wiltz between the city and Merkholtz, past the plateaus of Nocher and the Stekämmchen.


SIW Route A Stämmich - 6 km - Duration: 1:30 to 2:00 hours
The path passes the "Rue de la Fontaine" followed by the "Bambësch" and "Wal" forests.
Sights: American tank from 1944, Jardin de Wiltz, Wiltz Castle


SIW Route B Kanounewee 6 km - Duration: 1:00 to 1:30 hours
A steep ascent from the church in Oberwiltz leads you to the high plateau Roullingen.


Sentiers culturels dans le centre de la ville de Wiltz :


Le sentier culturel jaune comprend 21 curiosités (panneaux 1 – 21) situées sans exception dans la ville haute. Vous apprenez, pourquoi Wiltz a reçu le titre honorifique de Cité Martyre. Vous faites connaissance avec le centre socioculturel Prabbeli et avec le Jardin de Wiltz. Vous pouvez admirer le maître-autel baroque vieux de plus de 300 ans à l’église paroissiale Notre-Dame. Cet itinéraire mesure environ 3 km, la longueur totale dépendant de la distance parcourue au sein du Jardin de Wiltz. Vous partez à une altitude de 385 m, vous atteignez le point culminant (450 m) à la bifurcation vers le Prabbeli. Un escalier, en face de la maison 23 de la route de Bastogne, vous permet de descendre au Prabbeli. Nous recommandons aux visiteurs avec poussette ou chaise roulante de patienter encore 200 m, avant de s’engager dans la rue de la Montagne.


Le sentier culturel rouge comprend 25 curiosités dont 12 dans la ville basse. Il mesure environ 4,5 km. Il atteint son point le plus bas (310 m) près du pont de Niederwiltz, son point culminant au Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Fatima op Baessent (400 m).


Further information

Additional information on the city of Wiltz, and the Ardennes region is available at the 
Syndicat d’Initiative et de Tourisme - 35, rue du Château, L-9536 Wiltz - Tél.: (+352) 95 74 44 - E-mail:  -