Information about the Skate-Park

In 2018, the KAUL recreational area was expanded to include a new-generation Skate-Park, offering young people from the region and visitors the opportunity to enjoy their favourite pastime in the best possible conditions. The Skate-Park is open to everybody. Regular training and events are organised. We recommend all visitors wear suitable protective clothing to protect against a possible fall (helmet, knee pads, ...). Please note that the use of the facility is at your own risk.



The use of the Skate-Park is free.

Further information

Additional information on KAUL Bike-Park, the city of Wiltz, and the Ardennes region is available at the Syndicat d’Initiative et de Tourisme - 35, rue du Château, L-9516 Wiltz - Tél.: (+352) 95 99 39 250 - E-mail:  -


The Bistro KAUL restaurant is located on the grounds of the regional open-air leisure centre. The shops and restaurants in the city of Wiltz can be reached in a few minutes by foot or bicycle.

Site plan